Where we work

Cambodia is home to some of the rarest species of fauna and flora in Southeast Asia, the centre of our interest is to preserve this fauna and flora. 

Field work

ABCT has carried out biodiversity surveys in areas of Cambodia that are still forested and where the fauna and flora biodiversity is still relatively unknown or not recorded. Our surveys will help record and monitor forest cover changes, the types of vegetation present and identify fauna species that could be threatened within Southeast Asia. 

Our surveys that have taken place in Phnom Kulen National Park have helped measure the extent of human pressure on the ecosystem, and have provided opportunities for better and more sustainable livelihood development. Through working closely with the Ministry of Environment, we have been able to provide a series of Eco-trails in the East Plateau of the park. 


Partner Projects

We have a working relationship with Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre (BBC), in Siem Reap Province. The BBC helps us provide alternative livelihood development projects through sustainable butterfly farming in villages where the community's main source of income is farming. This type of farming involves clearing forests which leads to habitat destruction, one of the major causes of species extinction. Butterfly farming requires intact forest and therefore provides a great incentive to conserve and protect these habitats.

Visit  http://www.angkorbutterfly.com/ for more information about their work.